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AviatorLaw is a unique legal services firm dedicated to serve pilots and aircraft owners. Whether you are a professional aircrew or private pilot, we understand the complex regulatory environment and potential liability you expose yourself to everyday you fly. Although piloting an aircraft is often described as a privilege, we believe that flying is much more than that.

At AviatorLaw, we believe possession of a pilots license is more than a privilege. It is the key to a lifestyle gained from the pursuit of the basic freedoms of a free and just society. You have worked hard and long to earning that key.

Captain Robert Walker Esq.

Legal problems in aviation are so highly technical that you don’t want just any attorney to represent you. Bob Walker is a solo practitioner whose sole focus is helping pilots and mechanics keep their livelihood. Clients come to him because he is a both a lawyer and ATP type rated pilot. He is also a certified A&P mechanic who knows the law and if needed, knows other professionals to build the best legal team to address your problem. Knowledge of aviation law ensures clients get the best results. Whether you are facing FAA action, contractual disputes, or facing legal liability as a result of an aircraft accident or incident, he can help.

Many pilots may go through an entire career without any FAA violations or being the subject of investigation. However, you are not so fortunate. If you have received a written Notice from the FAA, you need to consult an aviation attorney. The notice is the first stage of any enforcement action.

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Communication is the process where one speaks while the other person listens. Sometimes we hear or say things differently than what we mean.


Diligence requires taking the time to investigate each case and see through the matter until it is resolved. Aviation
law is not like other
areas of law.


For every problem there are multiple solutions and each of those solutions have multiple problems. At Aviator Law, we work through each problem with the specific goal of finding the optimum solution.

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November 05, 2022

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